Kent Weishaus

Kent Weishaus is a licensed clinical social worker in private practice in California.  He has worked in mental hospitals, community clinics, schools, and served as an adjunct professor at Cal State Los Angeles, teaching social work theory and practice classes to master degree students. Prior to Kent’s switch to a “helping-profession,” he had a 25-year career in television production, directing and working with many celebrities and actors, writing and producing promotions and teases, interacting with a numerous network executives, finance and legal personnel, and supervising hundreds of crew-members. 

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In 1900 a herd of charging buffalo would have made our great grand-parents run frantically for shelter.  Yet now we are daily surrounded by hundreds of 2-ton speeding cars.  Traffic is just one of a hundred systems in which we are immersed that we take for granted.  Our developmental capabilities are being eclipsed.  Rapidly increasing numbers of us regularly try to cope with sadness, anxiety, lethargy, rapid thoughts, shaking, persistent fear, confusion, an inability to concentrate, and/or psychosis.  We expect ourselves to process and handle nearly endless sensory and narrative stimuli. And if we can’t keep up, our collective societal beliefs and systems allow for the shame-laden threat of becoming destitute or stigmatized societal outcasts.

Our abstract thinking skills and self-aware consciousness set us apart from other mammals and give us the ability to collectively adopt the all-encompassing technology, stories and myths that make up today’s world.  Stop Breaking Down shows us how to step back, take the high ground, observe and understand how overwhelming engagement with these systems interacts with our biological and mental processes, and how best to avoid overwhelm and crack-up.